IoT Platform

Made easy

With the introduction of the Chayn IoT platform, network operators are now leveraged from connectivity providers to solution providers.


Chayn IoT empowers it’s users to price, sell, deliver and invoice IoT offers, composing of devices, connectivity equipment and applications.

Everything is managed from our central cloud, serving clients with a complete user experience spanning all way down from portfolio management to the characteristics and live behavior of a specific IoT element.

Irrigation Solution, deployed


The Chayn IoT platform is a multi-tenant system, enabling operators and resellers to operate in separate tenants and to quickly deploy and manage solutions to their customers.

The network operator use the system to manage and invoice IoT installations as well as setting up tenants for connected resellers. 

With it's unique online offer management feature sets, resellers create own offers, bundling value added services and creating new pricing models as needed. Chayn IoT takes care of provisioning, monitoring and billing on all levels.

Online Offer Management 


The solution is based on a platform dedicated to business process automation and with a proven track record within the telecom industry.

Chayn IoT takes responsibility for the whole life cycle around each business process and records a full history of performed business processes, enabling easy diagnosing and thorough data mining.

Online Customer Insights


Chayn IoT is used by Jersey Telecom to host their M2M activities and is directly integrated to Jersey Telecom's core infrastructure. 

Furthermore the platform is integrated to Vodafone M2M, allowing SIMs with global reach. Mixed offers can be created easily and a tailor made pricing policy can be established as required for each busines opportunity.


We deliver Chayn IoT as a PAAS service through our cloud installation, or deploy the platform as part of a customer’s infrastructure.


We have a proven technology and a very fast delivery time for developing business process automation!

White Paper - Featuring Chayn M2M (pdf)