Platform for

Business process automation and provisioning

Our NOMAD workflow engine has been used by us since 2001 to run fully automated business processes in various areas, and saving our customers huge sums, due to its efficiency and reliability.

The business processes are formulated as versioned XML recipies, which are loaded into the workflow engine. Following this, huge numbers of workflows can be started, each following the recipe, and executing extremely fast.

Using integration plugins each business process can call out to external systems to do activations and deactivations in order to orchestrate the series of changes needed to accomplish its task. Provisioning steps are automatically retried when temporary failures are encountered, while permanent problems are escalated for manual resolution after which the workflow will continue its automatic execution.

All worklfows exectuted are historized for later auditing and benchmarking. This is also very valuable in support situations, as the historic data is very detailed.

Business process diagram        Workflow recipe XML definition        Workflow execution

The platform uses a domain model to partition the system for use by multiple independent business areas.As the system grows, it can be distributed across several physical nodes, providing both increased performance and redundancy.

We have been working with automating business processes for so many ears now, that we are truely masters of this deciplin.

Please contact us if you have long running and complicated business processes, possibly containing much manual labor. Odds are that we will be able to automate it completely, improving both speed and quality of your operation by an order of magnitude.