Make it work

When Oracle database driven applications do not perform, we are often called uppon to diagnose and fix the problems.

It is rarely the case, that performance issues are most optimally fixed by purchasing new hardware or investing in more virtual capacity.

In most cases, the running applications do not utilize the Oracle installation optimally, the simple reason being that application programmers are unaware of the database installation and that the database administrators are unaware of the applications and their accompaigning data. The same is the case regarding the Oracle installation itself, if Oracle isnt performing, the hardware configuration is probably not optimal. All these things add up, and when applications slow down to a standstill there is a need for experts with a deep understanding in all domains. From application code, to Oracle databases and all way down to the underlying network topology and the hardware configuration of the servers.

We have years of experience in performance tuning of running installations, we approach the problem in a structured way, and ultimately eliminate the root causes of the issue.