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Number Portability

The introduction of number portability is an important step in the liberalization of telecommunications markets as it allows the subscribers to retain their telephone number when changing their network or service provider.

A significant technical aspect of number portability relates to the routing of calls or mobile messages to a number, once it is been ported. A successful launch of NP requires a mature and flexible platform, capable of adapting to the country specific national rulebooks of number portability as outlined by the regulatory offices of each country. Furthermore, a successful launch is dependent of the operators who need to install, configure and integrate an NP gateway into their infrastructure.

NeoConsult is an industry expert within NP, with more than 10 years of experience and knowledge from the European and American NP market. Together with our strong international partners, we have delivered best in class number portability solutions worldwide, this for more than a decade and covering both national Clearing Houses as well as Number Portability Gateways.

Our complete number portability offering consists of the following products and services:

Our Number Portability Clearing House is an All Call Query based system, featuring automated workflows and browser based administration of national number porting. Our Clearing House platform is mature and scalable and due to it’s unique architecture, we ensure rulebook changes can be introduced cost efficiently and in a timely manner.
Network Operators are legally obliged to accommodate the number porting processes by installing an NP gateway in their infrastructure and configuring it to perform automatic updates of the local routing databases. Neoconsult’s Number Portability Gateway has always been at the cutting edge of the market and features a workflow based and automated number porting process on the operator side with a seamless integration to network elements, BSS systems and naturally to the Clearing House.

White Paper – Managed Number Portability Solution (pdf)

NeoConsult delivers Number Portability solutions through our sister company Next NP ApS.